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Walk With Me

Another night of tracing paths for my characters: They walk, I walk. They live in shadows, I follow. And so. Here are the walks that are building a novel. Some are based in Melbourne, other scenes are character ‘memories’ of European cities. I don’t always like to give away too much of the interior of a work-in-progress but these are some of the images I’ve been staring at every day.

Melbourne: 8:35 pm, Monday 19 February 2018

Prague: 3pm, 12 January 2018

Leipzig: 5 pm, January 2018

Berlin: close to 3:30 pm, January 2018

Berlin: the day before, 10 am. January 2018

Leipzig: 10 am, 2 January 2018

Melbourne: late afternoon, September 2017

Melbourne: mid morning, June 2017

Melbourne: late night, my house. Probably June, 2017

Melbourne: early morning, storm warning. My house, approx June 2017

On the way to Canberra, toward a mountain: probably noon, early January 2017.

And this road. This road is Eleanor

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