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See What I Have Done gets a UK cover 

First there were pigeons, now half eaten pears (Tinder Press, UK). There’s nothing like rotting fruit to set a scene

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writer, observer, reader, procrastinator. My debut novel, See What I Have Done, published by Hachette (ANZ), Tinder Press (UK), Grove Atlantic (US), Piper Verlag (German), Editions Payot & Rivages (French), Hollands Diep (Dutch), Edizioni Piemme (Italian), GW Foksal (Polish), Palto Publishing (Turkish)


  1. I love that cover! I have just read a proof copy of See What I Have Done, left for me by the Tinder Press rep, (I manage an indie bookshop in Brackley, England) I thoroughly enjoyed it and polished it off in just over a day. One for the book groups!
    (I do like the pigeon cover too but the pear clinches it for me).
    Good luck with the book. Chris

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    • Hi Chrissie. Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving me a message. I am thrilled to hear that you enjoyed the book: it’s definitely a relief to know that after all those years of writing it, people are reading and engaging with those characters.
      I love both covers and think they capture very different (yet the same – if that makes sense?) qualities of the book. My OZ publisher said that he thought the pigeon was representative of Lizzie, whereas the pear had an Emma quality.
      cheers SS

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  2. Colin Hart says

    Sarah, hi, I live in Ireland and have my order in for a copy of your book, which I’m really looking forward to, and found out about through a website that said it was for readers who enjoyed Burial Rites by Hannah Kent (amazing story). My problem is I would really like to get a signed copy, but this is difficult for me, living in a rural area. Do you know if there is any way to get a signed copy, or can I arrange to post my book to you, to have signed/returned, please? Thank you. Colin Hart


    • Hi Colin, thanks for getting in touch. Seeing as though I live all the way over in Australia it might be easier if we try to arrange this through the UK publisher (Tinder Press). I’m sure something can be arranged. There’s also a chance that I’ll sign a bunch of copies for a bookstore and you could nab one that way. But I reckon we try the publisher route! Thanks for stopping by


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